The Guilt-Free Way To Heat Your Home

Anglia Briquettes

Waste material from wooden pallets used to heat your home.


Pallets are made from fast growing soft woods from a fully sustainable supply. We make every effort to ensure the pallets that we collect are repaired and re-used and during this process any waste pallet wood generated is processed into pallet wood briquettes. Once burned the CO2 produced is absorbed by the newly growing stock.


Our pallet wood briquettes are packaged in 10kg cardboard boxes (no plastic in sight!). This makes them convenient for you to store and transport straight to your wood burner, open fire, fire pit or chiminea. No need to chop stack and season over several years like traditional logs. They also light with firelighters alone, no need for kindling.


Our briquettes have a moisture content of no less than 13% meaning you get a dry efficient burn which is suitable for all wood burners including those in smoke control areas, providing you have a certified wood burner. They give you lots of heat, a lower CO2 output, and less ash than conventional logs.

Environmentally Friendly Energy

We’ve invested heavily to produce the most environmentally friendly briquettes we can. Our main business is recycling wooden pallets (Anglia Pallets), and inevitably some get damaged beyond repair. We hate to see these offcuts and scraps go to landfill or simply get burnt.

Historically we couldn’t think what else to do with them. And then we saw David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and decided we needed to act. 18 months later and having spent close to £100,000, we have a solution! One that uses 100% green energy supplied via our own solar panels. We now have a fantastic, eco-friendly product, made using sustainable wood and packaged without the use of plastic.

A perfect alternative (or compliment) to logs and other firewood with a guaranteed low moisture content (<13%) making them ideal for small wood burners in smokeless zones. The #guiltfree way to heat your home.

Any pallets we can’t reuse

are placed in a large steel container along with the scraps from pallet repairs. A large blade then crushes the wood into small pieces.

Strong magnet to extract any nails

These then travel up a conveyor belt passing under a strong magnet to extract any nails (all the metal we salvage is recycled) before dropping into a pressurised hopper.

Green electricity

We apply pressure within the hopper (using our green electricity) and this releases the natural oils in the wood, helping to bind them into briquettes. This process also reduces the moisture content to around 13% which means that they burn efficiently.

Smallish briquettes

These briquettes pass through a ‘sausage like tube’ which cuts them into small briquettes (approximately 8cm by 8cm), which means they are perfect for 4/5 KW wood burners.

Fully recyclable

We then pack by hand into a cardboard box (fully recyclable obviously) with not a scrap of plastic in sight, unlike so many of our competitors’ products.

Easy to stack

The boxes make them easy to stack, and easy to carry as they aren’t too heavy, with any mess contained too.


heat your home the guilt-free way

Our prices are comparable with any on the market, and you can now heat your home the guilt free way without breaking the bank!

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Client Testimonials

I have been using Anglia Briquettes for 2 years now, & they are a fantastic way to heat the house. They burn slowly & give off great heat. As we’re in another lockdown & spending more time at home, the briquettes are a cost effective means of keeping the house warm.

Chris McKay

Great service and great product!


Just tried using these in my wood burner this year, mixing with the logs. Really good heat at a good price. Definitely going to continue using these.

Rich FC

Great briquettes. Burn well on an open fire. Very quick delivery. Great value for money.

Nick Green

We have been using these briquettes for a while now in our wood burning stove, they provide loads of heat and really help getting the fire to burn after its first been lit.

I use mine alongside normal seasoned logs and both make each other last longer and so are a great compliment for each other.

Defiantly work a try